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A wholesale marketplace
for access to assets,
and connectivity

The AssetHUB is a wholesale marketplace and trading platform for connections and services – both passive and active. Its the definitive source of asset data for building networks in the UK.

AssetHUB is an open access platform for physical assets/connectivity. It has been operational since 2014 and has helped Sweden become one of the most advanced fibre and mobile connected countries in Europe. The platform manages the entire process from enquiry to contract completion for any asset or service.

We help private & public sector organisations fully commercialise their investments providing an open access platform to existing infrastructure (passive & active) throughout the UK.

Building networks is an expensive business with £28bn expected to be invested in the next 10 years to upgrade the UK’s aging infrastructure. Knowing what infrastructure already exists and where it is located is key to maximising the investments (public & private) and ensuring that modern technologies reach every corner of the UK. We provide the tools necessary to find existing assets that can be used to deliver next generation telecoms services.

Using existing infrastructure is a win-win for everyone involved. Buyers of fibre assets benefit from utilising what is already out there, and sellers get a more efficient use of their assets. 5G has further increased the need for fibre, as well as antenna locations.


expected to be invested

over the next ten years

Managing and streamlining the entire trading process from enquiry to contract completion for any asset or service

Public and Private Sector Asset Owners – securely share your assets and generate revenue or socio economic benefits

ISPs, Network Builders, Designers – both fixed and wireless – access existing infrastructure in a standard and secure way

Buyers benefit from utilising what is already out there – sellers get a more efficient use of their assets

Reduce cost and speed up deployment of digital infrastructure

View a wide range of supporting and contextual data – from AONBs, SSSIs, Flood Data, Existing coverage, existing power etc

Supports ATI (Access to Infrastructure) Regulations by providing a compliant response service for any request to access your infrastructure

Supports BDUK Project Gigabit Wholesale Access requirements by ensuring you can provide wholesale access to your physical infrastructure and active services if required