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The leading wholesale marketplace platform for access to existing infrastructure, connectivity and assets

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Our Vision

Minimising the complexity of utilising existing assets and infrastructure

AssetHUB’s dynamic platform serves as a gateway to reducing overbuild and speeding up deployment.

Reduce costs by


Deploy fibre faster by


Our Sales Optimisation Platform

Streamline Processes

Optimise your business processes and workflows with our proven system, yielding significant time and cost savings for all stakeholders.


Benefit from our ever-expanding ecosystem to connect with more customers and build stronger relationships all in one place.


Demos and training sessions to expedite customer onboarding, with continued support to help find you more deals.


Unlock your full potential using our intelligent system to help support more deals than ever.

Success in Sweden

  • 70% Scandinavian market (public sector, telecoms & utilities) via SSNF
  • 10+ years of operational experience
  • Over 150 companies
  • €150m in active contracts

Services we offer

Dark Fibre

Focus on creating dark fibre areas by linking predefined products and mapping cabinets or chambers where you offer services, rather than sharing all fibre routing.


Operators can expand sales channels by mapping existing and planned commercial Ethernet coverage, either by pinpointing connection points or outlining coverage areas to show service availability.


Wavelengths are increasingly used for high-bandwidth support across the UK; utilise this service to purchase and sell access to high-capacity links from various providers.