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The definitive source of open access data for building networks in the UK

The AssetHUB is a trading platform for connections and services – both passive and active


Building networks is an expensive business with £28bn expected to be invested in the next 10 years to upgrade the UK's aging infrastructure.  We help private & public sector organisations fully commercialise their investments providing an open access platform to existing infrastructure (passive & active) throughout the UK.


Knowing what infrastructure already exists and where it is located is key to maximising the investments (public & private) and ensuring that modern technologies reach every corner of the UK.  We provide the tools necessary to find existing assets that can used to deliver next generation telecoms services.


Enabling Open Access Telecoms Networks

Building on the model successfully developed in Scandinavia, the starting point for OPEN ACCESS is transparent data sharing.

Asset owners need network operators to be able to find their assets, easily locate nearby telecoms infrastructure and “see” both pricing and access terms.

The AssetHUB provides a single view of assets and telecoms infrastructure simplifying network planning, preventing over build and leveraging existing investments.  


Asset owners can make their existing assets visible and tradeable, providing detailed information about the type of assets & usage.


Pinpoint specific locations and identify nearby assets to use in extending network reach.  Including asset profiles & specifications.


Having identfied suitable assets, use the AssetHUB to locate nearby Open Access connectivity and consider backhaul options. 


From the same platform, view commercial terms for asset rental & access along with any associated obligations.


Making investments go further, identifying re-use and preventing overbuild.





Examples from customers

Leverage both side of the market "rightmove" meets "ebay" for telecoms assets

We have heard a lot about Open Access and have invested heavily in local infrastructure for our residents and businesses.  The AssetHUB has let us demonstrate our commitment AND generate revenues while minimising disruption – a win-win-win for everyone concerned.  It is important to us that we genuinely foster a sense of community and opening up access to the assets that we look after is one way that we can help.

Councillor James

Ever since we spent £20m building fibre on top of our own network, it has been obvious that we needed a better solution to knowing where we had already invested.  The AssetHUB is the ideal in-house tool for mapping our own network assets, and the fact that we can easily overlay other telecoms network assets as well as public infrastructure makes the whole extercise a no brainer.  If you aren’t using the AssetHUB now, you will be soon.  

James (432) Jones


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