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Infrastructure Sharing were some of the buzzwords of the recent INCA Conference in Birmingham. That, coupled with the standardisation work that INCA is spearheading should unlock the massive potential of under-utilised and unused or abandoned assets in the UK.

In London, despite this being our nation’s capital, there are still more than 1.2 million premises without access to Gigabit broadband (including White and Under Review).

Yet London is one of the most fibre-rich cities in the UK, with an estimated 20,000 kms of fibre and duct from a wide range of operators outside of BT/Openreach. Some will offer Dark Fibre but most will not.

Dark Fibre in London

Boldyn Networks have an exciting opportunity, having signed a concession agreement with Transport for London (TfL) to re-use their assets to deploy neutral host 4G/5G on the underground tube network and using the “aboveground” assets.

Indeed with more than 1,800km of traffic management duct around London, with some 52,000 red route road junctions, rail and river crossings, this unique infrastructure has the potential to provide much needed alternatives to the traditional (and expensive) methods and solutions.

Public Sector

Most London Boroughs will have their own traffic management or CCTV duct/fibre networks, although some have outsourced these to industry operators as a managed service. Those that still own their own infrastructure struggle to unlock the potential – both from a value perspective but also to avoid disruption from unnecessary and intrusive streetworks.

Some London Boroughs have built more extensive fibre networks to serve their own means, or just because it was a good idea at the time whilst extensive streetworks projects were being built. This is the same across the UK, with pockets of Public Sector owned fibre and duct in areas that sorely need it, but struggle with the marketing and business process of re-using it.

Utility Assets

And what about utility infrastructure? Gas Distribution Network companies are responsible for the pipes that connect homes and businesses across the UK. Each year they are targeted with replacing a percentage of the old pipes with new, modern piping. But the old pipes remain in the ground and are of sufficient size to allow duct and fibre to be installed. These pipes cross road, river and rail and there are an estimated 25 million metres across the UK (yes, that’s 25,000 kms!) London has around 2 million metres of abandoned gas pipes with more than 20,000 road, river and rail crossings.

The AssetHUB Marketplace

AssetHUB maps all of these assets along with other useful data. We manage the Enquiry to Contract processes from beginning to end, all on a secure platform with data under the control of the asset owner.

Abandoned Gas Pipes in London

Want to share all your duct and fibre, ethernet, wavelengths, street furniture or other assets in detail? Fine – the more you share, the more likely it is that someone will want to use it.

Want to keep your assets private but share your capabilities (where you offer dark fibre, ethernet etc) with a select few organisations? Fine – just share an area where you offer services.

Want a platform that allows you to securely share your assets and services to those companies you trust, whilst managing all the Enquiries in one place? Fine, you can even add your own Ts & Cs, SLAs, Specifications and test results to the Order.

Want a single platform that will show a range of different asset owners in an area, without having to go to each operator and make a separate Enquiry? Fine, we manage the interaction with different asset owners in one place.

Want to reduce disruption, reduce costs and speed up deployment of digital infrastructure?

Come and talk to use about sharing your assets, or getting access to someone else’s.

One Platform. One Process.