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Do you have spare fibre or duct capacity? Are you looking for alternative fibre routes?

Do you have unused assets (utility, Public Sector or or do you need to access them in a standard way?

AssetHUB is a national trading  marketplace that revolutionises the way asset owners manage and share their assets, infrastructure and connectivity services.

With almost 100,000km of fibre, ducts and pipes mapped, we’ve only just scratched the surface of existing infrastructure out there that could help speed up deployment and reduce costs.

With standard process and contracting workflow, safely manage enquiries for your assets in a secure platform, generate additional revenues and sweat your assets.

Based on successful Swedish technology that has been in use for 10 years, AssetHUB enables the trading of multiple assets and infrastructure services….from duct & fibre to ethernet, and above ground assets like street furniture, buildings and land – a one stop shop for all your infrastructure needs.

One Platform. One Process.

Come and talk to us at the INCA Conference (