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Our Platform

Enhancing and streamlining your network buying and selling experience

Simplify transactions with our streamlined platform

  • Build stronger relationships with more clients using our unique built-in chat function in every ongoing deal.

  • Our workflows were developed with users in mind, allowing users to put little resource in whilst getting more deals across the line.

  • We help encourage efficient competition meaning every customer has a chance to succeed in our marketplace.


Create product areas where you are offering to sell a service.


Attach pre-defined products with pricing to these areas for buyers to see.


Have control on who can see your product areas and products, view all ongoing cases through our easy to view case list.


Once interest in your products has been established you will be instantly notified allowing you to quickly respond to any deals.


Easily view product areas in the map or alternatively use our automated enquiry process to help find you a suitable supplier in your area of interest.


Have confidence in getting the best deal for you by enquiring to multiple different Suppliers at once and choosing the most suitable deal for you.


Once deals have been quoted by a Supplier orders can be generated within a few clicks through our automated buying process.

Transform the way you Buy & Sell Assets, Infrastructure & Connectivity

Request a free demo today and see how our high-performance platform can help your business.

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