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Our Services

We offer a wide range of services that allows our customers to generate or manage enquiries all the way until order and contract, all done using one system

Mapping assets for visual representation can be very useful however increasingly in today’s industry we are finding that digital data is becoming more and more inaccurate and difficult to keep up-to-date thus misleading, that is why we created a platform that reduces the amount of data that is mapped, only mapping necessary data, allowing buyers to generate enquiries with little to no data mapped. We know that time is very important and if we remove the chance of misleading data then we can help customers save crucial resources and make faster reliable decisions. Simply by letting the platform’s enquiry process takeover, we can ensure that buyers and sellers are getting the most accurate information they need to make correct decisions.

Dark Fibre Service

No need to map and share all your fibre routing (although this may be useful for some customers). Create dark fibre areas attaching pre-defined products and map cabinets or chambers where you are supplying dark fibre services.

Ethernet Service

For operators, mapping your existing and planned commercial Ethernet coverage provides an additional sales channel to reach your customers. Either map your connection points (nodes, cabinets etc) or your coverage area (region, polygon etc) to display where you are able to provide service.

Duct Access Service

Where duct is available (either public or privately owned), it can be mapped. Routing can be hidden of course, but important aspects like road or bridge crossings can be highlighted as these can be a huge cost saving for others.

Structure Access Service

Used by MNO’s or other Wireless Infrastructure Providers to request permission to use an existing structure to house antennae which can be used to deliver enhanced mobile or wireless connectivity.

Site Access Service

Site Access allows spare space and power to be made available to others in cabinets, comms rooms and even datacentres.

Active WDM Service

Wavelengths are becoming more common to support very large bandwidths across the UK. Use this service to buy and sell access to very high capacity links from multiple providers.

Land Access Service

Land Access can be used by any organisation to request access to a parcel of land for the purpose of building additional infrastructure (this could be a new pole, mast or tower, for example)