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Wildanet Chooses AssetHUB to Wholesale its Assets

Wildanet, the independent Internet Service Provider (ISP) bringing gigabit capable broadband to communities across Cornwall and the South West, has chosen AssetHUB to map its assets and make its infrastructure and connectivity services available on a fair and neutral wholesale basis to other ISPs and mobile network providers.

AssetHUB is a leader in securely identifying and sharing coverage, reach and information on existing and planned telecoms infrastructure, opening up wholesale market opportunities and enabling operators to maximise the use of networks.

Wildanet was founded with the aim of bridging the digital divide, bringing fast reliable broadband to homes and businesses in rural areas, many of which are currently poorly served.

The company is investing £50 million rolling out full fibre broadband to towns and villages across Cornwall and the South West, together with developing a hybrid solution using gigabit capable FWA technology to overcome some of the topographical challenges faced in the region.

In addition, Wildanet was recently awarded £36 million of contracts under the Government’s Project Gigabit to deliver full-fibre, gigabit-capable broadband for up to an additional 19,250 premises in hard-to-reach areas in South West and Mid Cornwall.

Wildanet currently owns and operates a diverse routed network ring around Cornwall and with 22 regional Points of Presence to provide local access (NNI) to a high-capacity fibre optic spine network that connects to strategically important commercial data centres. This provides active and passive services to wholesale customers.

Following the directive of a “dig-once” policy to reduce both the disruption to local residents and the impact on the environment, this emerging significant regional fibre network and associated infrastructure will be made available as wholesale services to other fibre, ISP and mobile network operators through AssetHUB.

CITO, Paddy Paddison said:

“This exciting partnership with AssetHUB means that our investment in infrastructure will not only be used to support extending our coverage plans throughout the South West, but will also provide other organisations with access to our infrastructure that they can use to provide future proofed services to their customers faster and more cost effectively than before. Using AssetHUB to automate and standardise the mapping, management and order process of these available services will ensure the investment will be operated efficiently. It will prevent unnecessary overbuild, reduce the impact of disruption, minimise the impact on the environment and provide Wildanet with an additional wholesale route to market, while increasing speed to market for other operators.”

CEO of AssetHUB Rob Leenderts commented:

“We are delighted to welcome Wildanet on board.  We securely map and manage assets and services from multiple regional Public Sector organisations and private network operators, then make them available to the telecoms community through our platform, ensuring end-to-end security. We believe the AssetHUB capability will be instrumental in allowing UK telecoms companies to re-use existing infrastructure and assets wherever possible to speed up the deployment and adoption of Gigabit+ broadband services and mobile network enhancements.

Wholesaling assets through AssetHUB significantly reduces the costs to deliver whilst ensuring the avoidance of disruptive overbuild.”

About AssetHUB

AssetHUB is an automated asset marketplace and trading platform that allows network operators to securely identify existing or planned passive infrastructure or high-capacity active networks. AssetHUB maps the different asset types and provides a managed interface that automates the entire “enquiry-quote-order-contract-delivery” process for both buyers and sellers of standard products such as dark fibre, duct, street furniture, structures (masts/poles/towers/buildings), land and power as well as high-capacity fibre optic network connectivity services. AssetHUB is based on technology from Digpro that has been in use for more than 10 years, and has over 150 organisations collaborating and sharing infrastructure in the Swedish market. It has been instrumental in achieving 98% full fibre coverage in a largely rural country, and in helping develop the standards required by the wholesale Swedish telecoms’ industry.

For more information about how your assets can be mapped, valued and added into the AssetHUB automated marketplace please contact:

AssetHUB is part of The Hubbub Group – wholesale open access specialists:

About Wildanet

Wildanet is an independent Cornwall-based internet service provider, investing £50m in bringing high-speed broadband to homes, businesses and communities throughout Cornwall and the South West. Formed in 2017, Wildanet employs over 150 staff and was recently awarded £36 million of contracts under the Government’s Project Gigabit to deliver full-fibre, gigabit-capable broadband for up to an additional 19,250 premises in hard-to-reach areas in Cornwall. Wildanet expects to create 200 new jobs as a result of these new contracts.